Somerset Wildlife Photography

'Recording Local Wildlife and Supporting Local Conservation within the Counties of Somerset' 

Hello and welcome, here's a bit about Higgy...

Higgy is a nickname that I inherited as a boy many years ago and has stuck with me ever since! Having used this nickname as a user name on many of the online wildlife and gardening forums and being known in many local circles as Higgy, makes it sensible to also use it here for continuity and so that everyone knows who I am!

Having always had an interest in wildlife I am always keen to pass on my local knowledge and experience of the natural world for others to enjoy. I also have a keen interest in gardening for wildlife and for the last few years have been developing my garden for wildlife, whilst keeping it as a safe, child friendly and usable space for my family and friends to enjoy. For further details on my garden project and the wildlife that now visits us please follow this safe link,

My passion for photography has evolved over the last few years having started as a means to keep a photographic record of my garden project and the wildlife that visits the garden. Photographing 'my' wildlife soon became extremely addictive as I was finding and photographing many new species on a regular basis. Photography has also helped to identify exactly what has visited the garden since I started developing it in February 2010. From this photographic record we already have a bird count of 48 species and a butterfly count of 22 species and numerous other bugs and insects!

The realisation of so many diverse species then inspired me to stretch my wings beyond the garden and actually open my eyes to the fantastic wildlife which was here right on my own doorstep! Despite always having a keen interest in wildlife I just hadn't realised what was right under my nose!

For the last couple of years I have been actively looking for wildlife in my local area and recording it through my photographs.

Photography is now a real passion and following some health issues it has enabled me to get out and about and meet some fantastic people who are doing so much good work for nature and conservation within the North Somerset area.

My local wildlife action group has many members who give up much of their spare time to benefit our local environment and protect the wildlife and it's habitat for future generations to enjoy! I have enjoyed not only visiting my local groups reserves but photographing some of the flora and fauna that is present on them. From this work I have also been fortunate to get permission to enter some reserves to build up photographic records for the group.

I also have access to a large local organic farm where again I take photographs to record the wildlife that they have worked hard to encourage and now protect on their land. Both of these projects have helped me grow as a photographer and develop my skills. The difficult and sensitive habitats that I now regularly visit and work in have allowed me to develop good field craft and of course respect for both the habitats and the wildlife that lives within them.

If you have a project or assignment then please keep in mind the use of a photographer who has wildlife welfare at the front of his mind and is slowly proving a track record for working within sensitive areas and respecting the wildlife within.

My passion for wildlife and links with my local wildlife group have given me the chance to work with local schools. I am currently working with one local school where we are slowly developing an area specifically for wildlife.

Following presentations given to members of my wildlife group I have been very lucky to have been given several opportunities to develop this skill and now have a range of presentations and talks that I give at schools and local groups. You can find out more about this on the 'presentations and talks' page on this website.

If you want to find out more about my work or  gardening for wildlife please don't hesitate to contact me. I can be contacted through the ‘contact’ page of this site or by the contact form that can be found on the 'presentations and talks' page.

Hope to see you out there soon!!!....